About us

Chefs-Block is the creative outlet of artist Seppi Ramos.

Hi, I’m Seppi.

What I love about woodworking is how a simple piece, like a cutting board, can affect your life in so many different subtle ways. 

For instance, I have a board my grandfather made 60 years ago. He gave it to my mom before I was born and she passed it to me. This hunk of walnut & maple isn’t just a tool in the kitchen. It’s a family heirloom I use every day.

That board has helped prepare food for so many family dinners, holiday feasts and casual lunches.

My creative path has always encompassed a love for family history. As a photographer I help record moments & family achievements from weddings to live births! I’m a romantic and love momentos that help us remember where we’re from.

My grandfather taught me the love of woodworking and now I’m able to combine my love for family history with my creativity. 

These boards are practical, yes, but with care they can become a forever part of your family legacy.